By analyzing market expectations, regional characteristics, customer needs and demands comprehensively, Doğuş Real Estate provides maximum benefit through its investments in a wide range of portfolios including office projects, commercial centers, hotels, wellness centers and hospitals.

Doğuş Real Estate Investment and Management Company, whose shares are 100% held by Doğuş Group, was founded in 2006. Since its foundation, its goal has been to be the most valuable company in the sector without sacrificing trust, respectability, honesty or the high quality of service from its expert staff in real estate development, construction management, sales and marketing fields.

The fact that Turkey is one of the countries that reached the highest level of growth during 2010-2011 among the countries of OECD and G20, affected investor demand in a positive way. Doğuş Real Estate is closely monitoring the dynamics of the real estate sector throughout Turkey and proceeding to develop projects which include commercial buildings as well as hospitals, wellness centers and logistics facilities by utilizing the large real estate portfolio owned and invested by Doğuş Group. Doğuş Real Estate, which holds 16 assets all over Turkey today, continues its work with great care in order to make the best use of these assets.

• Focusing on unconditional customer satisfaction,
• Reflecting the Doğuş identity and different points of views in all of its projects,
• Creating places that provide high standards of living,
• Becoming the most valuable and respected company in the sector.

• Trust,
• Respectability,
• Honesty,
• Fulfilling the responsibilities of current and future generations,
• Maintaining high-quality service,
• Providing permanent institutional competitive advantages,
• Keeping team work at the forefront.

Gebze Center Shopping Mall
Realized entirely of investment by Doğuş Gayrimenkul, Gebze Center Shopping Mall center opened on 3 September 2010 and continues to add value to the region and the vicinity, both from the point of economy and socially life. Gebze Center Shopping Mall continued its 2011 growth in number of visitors and revenue into 2012. During the year, 9 million visitors were served and a 21% increase in Shopping Center general revenue was obtained. Additionally, it increased its quality by adding national retail brands. Important in this success are the facts that the project was realized at the right time and location and has a strong store mix. Beside its financial success, Gebze Center supports the development of social life in Gebze and adds value to the region. Gebze Center has 127 stores located on an area of 59,000 m², and is close to 99% occupancy rate. There is a continuing demand for renting kiosks and stores in the mall. As required by the marketing strategy, events held in 2012 were planned to create loyal customers. In this respect, many activities were realized which pleased retailers as well as customers and increased their revenues. Events which add value to Gebze Center and help to promote the brand also continued during the year. The world famous Atlantis Circus, “3rd Gebze Book Days” event, and the Sea Life interactive exhibition realized with the participation of TUDAV experts are among the main events. Additionally, the number of visitors to the Kral FM/TV Studio, where live broadcasts are realized each week with famous artists, was maintained and continued to be a center of distinction. In addition to all these projects, the Center puts its name on many various social responsibility projects. Various events were prepared, especially for disabled persons, and informative campaigns were launched to increase the awareness on the environmental concerns. Gebze Center aims to bring together well-known national and international brands under the same roof. TESCO-KİPA (10,500 m²) as hypermarket, KOÇTAŞ (7,600 m²) as DIY, and TEKNOSA (2,800 m²) as electronic market are included. Gebze Center continues to offer variety in shopping to its visitors with a wide product range from more than 120 stores including apparel, food, souvenir items, household utilities, furniture, stationary, jewelry, cosmetics, white goods, and textiles.

Ayazağa Doğuş Group Office Building Renovation Project
Renovation of a 12,147 m² existing building on land of 6,880 m² in Ayazağa, İstanbul, which began in December 2011, was completed in December 2012.

D-Hotel Maris Renovation Project
Project Management Service, given to D-Hotel Maris to renovate 200 rooms on land of 156,000 m² , began in March 2011 and was completed in March 2012.

D-Life Ulus Project
The D-Life Healthy Living and Detox Center project, comprising 1,500 m² of enclosed area and 560 m² of outdoor area in Ulus, İstanbul, was completed in April 2011.

Nusr-Et Etiler Renovation Project
Renovation of the restaurant which occupies 550 m² of enclosed area in Etiler, İstanbul, was completed in June 2012.

Grand Hyatt Hotel Restaurant Renovation Project
Renovation of the main restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taksim, İstanbul started in October 2011 and was completed in May 2012.

D.ream Ortaköy Office Building
Renovation of D.ream’s office building in Ortaköy, İstanbul was completed in February 2012.

Doğuş Holding Dubai Office
Interior decoration of the office which occupies 2,000 m² of enclosed area in Dubai, was completed in December 2012.

Maslak Office Building Project
The project is in Maslak, İstanbul and occupies 45,717 m² of closed area on 4,725 m² of land. Project development works have now been completed. Project management and construction began in November 2012.

Doğuş Center Etiler Building Renovation Project
Project development and management works of the trade complex occupying 9,000 m² began in January 2012 and are planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2014.

D-Hotel Bodrum Project
The project development and management works of D-Hotel Bodrum occupying 8,200 m² on 11,250 m² of land in Bodrum, Muğla, began in December 2011 and are planned to be completed in the last quarter of 2013.

The future plan of Doğuş Real Estate is to increase investments in the market and provide maximum customer satisfaction in project development and management service business.

Doğuş Real Estate aims to complete projects effectively in order to get the highest performance in terms of income and prestige.

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